Top 10 Useful Websites For College Students (2023)

10 Best Useful Websites for College Students (2023)

We know where to turn for a bit of help with your academic obligations might be difficult when college can be intimidating and daunting. Knowing which websites can assist you with different parts of college life, particularly when it comes to homework, may make all the difference.

You may already be utilizing a couple of the 10 websites we’ve compiled to aid you in your education. They’re all excellent tools that can help you with essay writing, organizing, and problem-solving in math and science.

1. Sci-Hub

Sci-Hub is a website that makes academic research publications freely available to the general public while ignoring copyright concerns. As of December 2022, more than 85 million articles are in the database. They oppose copyright in the scientific community as well. The Ideas and Principles part of their website claims that paywalls for scientific journals prevent many people from exercising their right to information.

Sci-Hub is based on the premise that paying for access to scientific content and copyrighting its works severely impedes society’s advancement. As a result, the team promotes itself as an advocate for information equality, recognizing that everyone, regardless of circumstance, has the right to access scientific study findings. This will help you with your research at college!

2. Docsity

Global college and university students, as well as professors, are a part of the Docsity network of learners. It allows students to exchange resources, ideas, and information. To learn and share, a user might build a profile. Users may access different documents and share them with other members after completing their profile on Docsity and joining up. You will receive a username and password when you join up with Docsity; you should keep these details in mind and establish them in your user account.

Also, it enables users to share folders, save files in the cloud, and view those files from any device. Docsity accepts Google Drive documents in addition to conventional file types like PDFs and Word documents. This implies that working on papers with other people is simple to share or collaborate on. It is highly recommended!

3. MyBib

You can style citations with MyBib, a free online tool for Chrome. It supports 30 sources and more than 9,000 citation formats, including the one required by your institution. Citations may be printed directly from the internet, copied and pasted onto paper, or saved to Google Drive. Even movies, webpages, and books will automatically cite in MyBib. The application automatically generates a correct cited page for your paper.

Any references in your content should be listed on the reference page. It should have double spacing, a half-inch hanging indent, and the label “References.” Use legible fonts and make sure your sources are readable. The citation generator may produce citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles. Using this free service is a fantastic approach to producing citations for any content. You can save time!

4. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is an online plagiarism checker with copy/paste and URL support. Duplichecker, a less well-known alternative to Copyscape, provides the option to examine text for plagiarism by copying and pasting or by uploading a.doc or.txt file. It is a useful utility that is available at no cost. It has a detection rate that is comparable to Copyscape Premium, according to our own tests, so that alone is a compelling enough reason to use it.

Duplichecker is not the only tool for detecting plagiarism. We would suggest that you use all local resources as a content marketer. Copyscape, Plagspotter, Doc Cop, and Reprint Writers Tool are other excellent services. You will only ever post a subpar article online if you have each of these tools at your disposal. However, if you are a college student, you should definitely use this for your English class!

5. Cymath

An excellent tool for solving math problems is Cymath, which can handle calculus, statistics, and trigonometry. You can manually enter your question once you’ve logged into the app. Instead of manually inputting it, you may scan it by switching to the camera tab.

The user interface of Cymath is straightforward and uncomplicated. In addition to English, it is offered in four other languages. It offers several fundamental equations, principles, and formulae in the Reference section that might be useful. Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Calculus-based practice problems are also available in the Practice part, and a Blog section features a new problem and its answer every week. Cymath is free, but you may upgrade to the Premium membership for $5/month, which removes adverts and gives you access to a complete walkthrough, resources, bookmarks, and more.

6. Photopea

An online graphic design tool is called Photopea. You may purchase a premium non-subscription even though it’s free and sponsored by advertisements. In comparison to other subscription-based design programs, even one premium month is less expensive. The fact that ceasing payments carries no negative implications is an extra plus.Compared

If you sometimes dabble in graphic design and can’t justify paying for a service you use infrequently, Photopea is an excellent piece of freeware. However, if you often use other design tools and pay a monthly membership that seems to be going up, it also makes a terrific option. Despite being a web-based tool, you may download and install it from some browsers onto your device. With Photopea, we hope to provide the most sophisticated and cost-effective editing program.

7. CamelCamelcamel

A free online tool for monitoring Amazon prices in several nations, including the US, is called CamelCamelCamel. Simply put, you tell CamelCamelCamel what price you want to see for a certain product on Amazon, and it tells you when the product price reaches that level. To check for seasonality and other pricing considerations, you may also look at past trends for the product.

Millions of goods are tracked by CamelCamelCamel, which also receives a cut of any Amazon purchases made through their platform. Nearly half (47.91%) of the 7.4 million visits to CamelCamelCamel in November 2021 were from the U.S., which is likely to result in a big increase in Amazon purchases.


The excellent service provider uses artificial intelligence to simplify copywriting by effectively producing your copy for you. It enables you to create written material in seconds and gives your manuscript the most genuine appearance imaginable.It is an excellent tool for assisting you in creating content to promote your brand and business. Simply register on their website to get started. A 500 word essay may be written in an instant!

The product’s AI-driven language model helps thousands of users write faster. Since you may select whatever version of the information you wish to utilize, the quality of the content is unquestionably good. review tools are simple to use, and you may refine your search by choosing from the templates.

9. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy is the industry pioneer in free online training for digital marketing, sales, customer support, and content management. Additionally, the best HubSpot Academy specializes on in-depth courses, mini-lessons, and training on specific topics.

HubSpot launched the HubSpot Academy as a project to help people expand their businesses without encountering any obstacles. HubSpot Academy has been working nonstop to offer the most powerful learning solutions since 2012. If you are studying digital marketing or sales, this will help you gain more knowledge and skills!

10. Grammarly

Grammarly is a grammar and spelling checker and proofreading application that goes above and beyond the call of duty. It offers immediate assistance to help you improve your writing’s clarity, coherence, and fluency as well as your vocabulary, in addition to aiding with spelling, punctuation, syntax, and sentence structure. Because of its high level of accuracy, user-friendly features, and accessibility, Grammarly has been deemed “the head of the pack” by Forbes.

Simple to use, Grammarly’s AI engine automatically analyzes your writing and highlights any words, phrases, or sentences that might require improvement after it has been downloaded and installed on your device or added to your browser. The words and phrases with red and yellow highlights indicate those that are either inaccurate or might be improved, making it simple to identify areas that require development. Most college offer premium version of Grammarly to students for free, so you should check it out on your college website.

There are several helpful, no-cost websites accessible. We hope more manageablethis information will help you and make your college life easier. Please let us know if you are aware of any further valuable resources. Also, have a look at Top 10 Free Websites You Feel Illegal To Know (2023)!