10 Best Free Websites You Feel Illegal to know (2024)

You must realize that our environment is one that values efficiency, thus efficiency is crucial if you want to outperform the competition. Many of the digital issues we face have a detrimental impact on our productivity, but with the correct tools, these issues may be simply avoided.

With the rapid advancement of the internet, there are currently countless websites designed to solve common issues. Here are the top 10 Free Websites You Feel Illegal to know in 2023

Why should we use useful websites?

Utilizing helpful websites may be advantageous for a number of reasons, including:

Time savings: Useful websites may save you time by delivering information, goods, or services in a more time- and resource-effective way. For instance, a comparison website may assist you in quickly locating the greatest offers on goods or services.

Convenience: Useful websites make it possible for you to obtain knowledge, goods, or services without having to leave the comfort of your house or travel to a store or library.

Accuracy: To guarantee that the information they offer is accurate and current, many helpful websites either employ a staff of specialists or use algorithms. This is especially useful when conducting in-depth research or making crucial judgments.

Cost-effectiveness: Using helpful websites may frequently result in cost savings. For instance, shopping comparison websites and travel websites may both assist you in finding the greatest offers on hotels and flights.

Variety: Useful websites provide a huge selection of goods, services, and data that you may not otherwise have access to. Online markets, for instance, can provide you access to products and services from around the globe.

10 Best Free Websites You Feel Illegal to know in 2023

1. Shopify

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform designed to provide businesses with an easy and streamlined way to create an online store and sell products across various channels. As a Canadian multinational e-commerce company, Shopify offers a subscription-based software that allows users to set up an online store and sell their goods online. It is known for its user-friendly interface that helps small to medium-sized businesses manage their products, payments, shipping, and customer engagement from one central dashboard​1​​2​​3​.

The platform is adaptable, supporting sales through multiple avenues including social media, other websites, emails, and even offline environments. This flexibility means that businesses can manage their online and physical sales through Shopify’s system, which also offers a comprehensive suite of services such as marketing tools, payment processing, and shipping integration. By packaging these various elements necessary for running an online store, Shopify simplifies the e-commerce process for retailers

2. WeTransfer

Sending huge files fast and securely for free is really simple with WeTransfer. WeTransfer will be thoroughly examined in this study, along with how it functions. If you want to send huge files rapidly without having to join up for a new service, WeTransfer is the best option. The recipient can download a provided file within seven days of receiving it using WeTransfer, which has a 2GB restriction for personal users.

A paid membership to the service is available for business customers, though. You receive 1TB of cloud storage with WeTransfer Pro, can transmit up to 20GB of files at once, may create a password for each file sent, and can adjust the time limit for a file’s deletion. It is recommended to use for anyone!

3. Unsplash

In a word, Unsplash is a dedicated website for free stock photography where photographers may submit their creations under the Unsplash licence. Anyone may use these images for either non-commercial or commercial purposes thanks to this.

It’s a terrific site to get photographs in one sense for your blog, company, commercial, or advertising campaign. So in this case, it resembles Shutterstock a lot. You aren’t required to pay any royalties, though. It is totally free. Unsplash specifically offers you rights to download, reproduce, change, distribute, perform, and utilize images from Unsplash for free, including for commercial purposes, without seeking permission from or crediting the photographer or Unsplash.

4. Canva

You may generate visual material with the graphic design application Canva without having a lot of experience in the field. The software is often used to create social media graphics, short movies, slideshows, posters, and flyers. To make this procedure as straightforward as possible, a wide range of adaptable templates and royalty-free images are provided.

Additionally, Canva offers tools for changing the fonts and colors used in a template and the ability to make your own. After selecting a template, adding some material, and making a few adjustments, you export your design for usage online. We often use Canva to create content!

5. Excel Formula Bot

If you have trouble using Excel for your job or school. You should definitely visit Excel Formula Bot and leave the work to the AI there.

You will be asked to briefly describe the issue you’re seeking to address in an input box on the website. The website claims that “model results are best when the instruction is as specific as is practical (i.e. referencing individual cells, rows, or columns).” If you don’t obtain the outcomes you want, consider rephrasing your phrase. Use only single quotation marks if you must. Double quotes will result in a mistake.

6. 12ft Ladder

The 12 foot ladder is an excellent resource for reading articles. Although it isn’t compatible with all websites, it enables users to get around sign-up and paywall barriers.

A lot of news websites now demand a fee or newsletter subscription. In exchange for your email address, they will send you a newsletter. Even if you choose not to get the newsletter, they may still use your email address for tracking. This compromises your privacy for financial gain yet is useful to anybody selling tailored advertisements.

7. Teleparty

Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) thrived in the early stages of the pandemic alongside technologies like Zoom happy hours, virtual museum tours, and same-day InstaCart delivery, and for good reason. Friends and family may feel as like they are engaging in a common activity and forging lifelong relationships due to the Teleparty watch party platform, regardless of how far they are from one another or whether they live next door to one another or thousands of miles apart.

The Netflix Party platform has grown and changed over the past several years to make it even easier for friends to host worldwide viewing events and movie screenings; it is now compatible with virtually all popular streaming services, from Amazon Prime Video to Disney+.

8. Skyscanner

The finest search engine in the world for booking hotels, flights, and rental cars is Skyscanner. Whether you’re searching for a quick holiday or are making travel plans months in ahead, it provides everything you need to locate the ideal travel deal.

The website now provides more than just flight search options. Skyscanner’s user-friendly design makes it simple to compare countless tickets from different airlines across the world at any time, allowing you to rapidly identify the best deals and seize them before they go on sale!

9. Infogram

A data visualization program called Infogram was created for marketers, media businesses, and business strategists. Organizations may use this program to create highly dynamic visualizations using data-driven information. It provides a collection of tools for producing infographics, graphs, and charts available to the entire team.

Among the tools are more than 500 maps, 35 charts, 20 pre-made themes, many icons, a drag-and-drop editor, and data export/import capabilities. On any device, users may create a completely responsive, polished presentation. Presentations can also be concurrently made and edited by colleagues.

10. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a free health and fitness app that lets users track their daily calorie intake and exercise. To make logging simpler, it provides a substantial database of food. The software also features a social networking component that enables users to connect and track their progress with friends and workout partners.

With the opportunity to establish specific objectives for each meal, premium users may personalize their daily calorie and macronutrient targets for protein, fats, and carbohydrates intake.

There are many worthwhile, free websites available. We hope that this knowledge will be useful to you and simplify your life. If you know of any more helpful resources, please let us know! Check out Top 10 Free Useful Websites (Life Hacks) as well