Top 10 Websites You Feel Illegal to Know (life hack)

10 Best Free Useful Websites (life hacks)

In today’s world, there are many websites and some of them are not reliable. However, there are still some exciting aspects to the internet. Like these websites below, which offer amusement, unlike anything you’ve ever known while still providing answers to the most fundamental issues.

Here are the top 10 free useful websites for you!

10 Best Free Useful Websites in 2023 (life hacks)

1. Loom

Loom is a solution for video messaging that assists you in communicating through immediately shared movies. You may concurrently record with your desktop, microphone, and camera using Loom. The proprietary technology of Loom makes your movie immediately shareable. It is one-way. You can only record yourself and your screen before sending the finished video to other people via a shared link.

This makes it different from Zoom, Google Meet, or FaceTime. A video-sharing app like Loom is comparable to Snapchat or Marco Polo. Loom, meanwhile, places more of an emphasis on professional use and screen recording for sharing. That ought to help you understand what it is. Before continuing, let’s have a look at how it functions on various platforms.

If you a student and need to submit your online presentation, Loom is the best tool to do so because after recording your presentation, you can get a link and you just need to submit the link to your professor!

2. Jenni AI

Top 10 Websites You Feel Illegal to Know (life hack)

For writers, bloggers, marketers, and business owners, Jenni Ai is a website that offers AI-based content production services. It offers customers a range of tools that let them produce various kinds of content for their blogs or websites, including blog entries, social networking updates, sales copy, and other material.

Also, Jenni Ai is capable and flexible for copywriting. It offers a lot of functions that make it very user-friendly, and its sophisticated functions enable very practical and personalized authoring. Students can easily write a short essay using Jenni Ai. Although there are some limited features if you are using a free version, this is a wonderful website you feel illegal to know.

3. Pexels

Top 10 Websites You Feel Illegal to Know (life hack)

Pexel is an excellent resource if you are looking for photos and videos, and this is legal. Photographers post their photographs to Pexels, understanding that others would reuse them. Copyright issues that could arise when downloading from Google are avoided when using the photographs on Pexels.

There are two sorts of licensing for photos on Pexels: the Pexels License and the Creative Commons license (CC0). Both forms permit the commercial usage, editing, and adaptation of the images. Additionally, giving the photographer credit in public is optional but still polite. You should definitely start using Pexel today.

4. Quillbot

Top 10 Websites You Feel Illegal to Know (life hack)

An online writing assistance called Quillbot parses texts using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its many features are used by millions of people all around the world to improve their writing. But it has grown into much more than that. Our main concern is the grammar checker, which checks your work for typos, spelling mistakes, and other grammatical issues.

Use this tool if you’re a college student since it will speed up the process of writing paragraphs and essays. After paraphrasing, you should constantly review your paragraphs since occasionally they don’t flow naturally.

5. Otter AI

Top 10 Websites You Feel Illegal to Know (life hack) enables users to record and automatically transcribe voice conversations using speaker recognition. It is essentially an AI-powered automated transcription service. However, it incorporated additional capabilities in 2022 for its Business and Enterprise account customers to make a one-stop tool for meeting management that allows employees to take notes and engage with co-workers in a meeting.

Their target audience are business professionals in meetings, and those involved in lectures or classes. You won’t really utilize this program as much if you’re a solo writer or solely interested in dictation. This tool can b helpful but Google Doc can have a voice recording feature. If you are seeking a high quality voice memo, you should use Otter Ai!


Top 10 Websites You Feel Illegal to Know (life hack)

Remove. bg is an AI-powered platform that enables you to remove any backdrop from an image. It dramatically reduces the time required for picture enhancement and is utilized by many people and businesses worldwide. With this program, you may get rid of the backdrop using your web browser and laptop or mobile apps in about a minute. Additionally, you have the option to leverage its API interface for a seamless integration of into programs and systems.

This API is especially useful for photographers since it promotes mass processing, making it possible to modify several screenshots at once. Its user-friendly interface, which doesn’t need drag-and-drop operations, makes it simple to operate and can help with problems like color contamination.

7. Wolfram Alpha

Top 10 Websites You Feel Illegal to Know (life hack)

Wolfram Alpha is a place you can get answers to difficult mathematical questions. Scientific and mathematical problems are easy for Wolfram Alpha to handle. In fact, you can ask the computational knowledge engine to derive a calculus problem and not only will it tell you the answer, it will also show you what steps are required to solve it.

8. Convertio

Top 10 Websites You Feel Illegal to Know (life hack)

Convertio, founded in 2014, is now the top web-based file converting service. It permits online conversion between several file types (audio, video, picture, document, archive, presentation, typeface, and ebook) and supports a number of them.

All current web browsers and OS systems work with Convertio. It attracts millions of visitors each month and is quite simple to use. A Chrome plugin created by Convertio also provides rapid access to many file converters. There is no need to register in order to utilize any of these services.

9. Temp-mail

Temp-mail offers streamlined temporary email solutions, enabling you to receive messages without providing any personal information. To provide extremely secure, privacy-focused email messaging, people all over the world choose the top secure email providers, but all you need to get a message that you don’t necessarily want to be delivered to your own inbox is a temporary email account.

All users can access Temp Mail at no cost at all. Without spending a dime, you may access fictitious, generic email accounts, receive mail, and maintain complete anonymity. Although this is common practice in the temporary email sector, Temp Mail goes above and above by providing a premium membership option.

10. Canva Image Converter

A free online application called Canva Image Converter enables users to quickly convert their photographs to other file formats. Using this application is easy and uncomplicated whether you need to convert a picture to a JPEG, PNG, or GIF. This program is ideal for individuals who must rapidly convert photographs for numerous purposes because it has an intuitive user interface and doesn’t require the download of any software.

The Canva Image Converter’s amazing feature of allowing users to crop and resize their photographs gives them greater control over the finished output. Those involved in social media or online marketing may find this especially helpful since it guarantees that the photographs are the appropriate size for many platforms. Overall, the Canva Image Converter is a flexible and practical tool that may help users deal with photos more quickly and efficiently.

There are many free valuable websites out there. We hope that this information helps you and makes your life easy. Let us know if you know other useful websites! Also, check out our service too!