5 Best Things to Buy on Amazon with EBT (2023)

5 Best Things to Buy on Amazon with EBT (2023)

There are many qualifying things available for purchase on Amazon if you want to use your EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) benefits. Using EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) on Amazon can help stretch your food dollars and provide easy access to essential items. Amazon has become an increasingly popular option for EBT users due to its convenience, wide selection of products, and competitive pricing.

What is EBT?

What is EBT anyway? The US government uses the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) system to provide benefits to qualified people and families. EBT benefits are frequently utilized to give low-income households cash and food rewards. EBT benefits are primarily used to offer cash assistance via the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program and food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

The EBT system replaces traditional paper food stamps and checks, making it more convenient and efficient for both recipients and retailers. The EBT card works like a debit card, allowing users to make purchases at participating grocery stores, farmers markets, and other authorized retailers.

How does EBT work?

So, how does EBT actually work? To receive EBT benefits, individuals must first apply and be approved for SNAP or TANF benefits. Once approved, individuals are issued an EBT card, which is loaded with their monthly benefits.

To use their EBT card, individuals swipe it at the point of sale (POS) terminal at participating retailers and type your card information on online stores. The card works like a debit card, deducting the transaction amount from the user’s account balance. Individuals can also check their account balance and transaction history online or call the EBT customer service number.

The amount of EBT benefits is normally determined by household size, income, and other eligibility requirements, and is distributed on a monthly basis. Benefits must be utilized by recipients within a predetermined window of time, often one month, or else they will expire.

Who is eligible for EBT benefits?

Let’s talk about who can actually have EBT benefits. People must fulfill specific income and asset requirements to be eligible for EBT payments. The household’s gross income, at or below 130% of the federal poverty line, determines eligibility for SNAP assistance. The household’s income, assets, and other qualifying requirements are used to assess eligibility for TANF payments.

People may also be automatically eligible for SNAP payments if they are receiving certain other government programs, such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Low-income households are supposed to receive temporary support via EBT payments. Periodically, recipients must reapply for assistance to confirm that they continue to satisfy the requirements.

5 Best Things to Buy on Amazon with EBT (2023)

1. Groceries and Pantry Items

On Amazon, you may buy food and pantry essentials with your EBT benefits. Fresh fruit, dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, and canned items all fall under this category. Also, a large selection of organic, gluten-free, and other speciality items that can be hard to obtain in conventional grocery shops are available on Amazon.

The option to compare prices and read customer reviews is one benefit of shopping for food on Amazon. To ensure that you never run out of the necessities, Amazon also gives you the opportunity to subscribe to products like coffee, tea, and snacks that you use frequently.

2. Snacks and Beverages

Using your EBT benefits on Amazon to buy snacks and beverages is a great way to stock up on your favorite treats without breaking the bank. Amazon offers a variety of snacks such as chips, popcorn, crackers, and cookies, as well as beverages like soft drinks, juices, and energy drinks.

Amazon’s snack and beverage selection is ideal for families with children, as it offers many popular brands and products that kids love. Additionally, Amazon’s bulk buying options can save you money in the long run.

3. Household Supplies

You may buy household products from Amazon using EBT benefits as well. This has cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, paper towels, and other things you need to keep your house tidy and hygienic.

With Amazon’s range of household goods, which includes name-brand and generic options, you may pick products that fit your budget. Because you can have home items delivered right to your door, buying them on Amazon is really convenient.

4. Personal Care Items

Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and other hygiene goods are among the personal care products that may be purchased on Amazon using EBT benefits. Products from well-known brands like Dove, Olay, and Pantene as well as organic and natural alternatives are available in Amazon’s personal care category.

The option to read reviews and compare costs while purchasing personal care products on Amazon is one of the benefits. For personal care products, Amazon also has a “Subscribe and Save” option so you may get frequent home deliveries.

5. Baby Supplies

EBT benefits can be used to purchase baby supplies on Amazon, including diapers, baby food, and formula. Amazon’s baby supplies selection includes popular brands such as Huggies, Pampers, Gerber, and Enfamil.

Buying baby supplies on Amazon is convenient for new parents, as it eliminates the need to leave the house with a newborn. Additionally, Amazon’s bulk buying options can help save money on items that babies go through quickly, such as diapers and formula.

EBT Eligible Stores

1. Walmart

One of the biggest shops in the world, Walmart provides a variety of foods at reasonable costs. Along with taking EBT, Walmart provides a program called the SNAP Online Buying Pilot that enables customers to buy groceries online for pickup or delivery using their EBT cards.

2. Aldi

Discount grocery retailer Aldi sells high-quality goods at affordable costs. Although while not all Aldi locations take EBT, many do, and the firm is aiming to make EBT acceptance available in all locations. Along with a variety of organic and healthful alternatives, Aldi also has a Double Guarantee program that enables consumers to return items and get both a refund and a replacement.

3. Target

The well-known retail establishment, Target sells groceries. Target has a program called the Healthy Rewards Program, which offers discounts on healthy food goods, and takes EBT. Target also provides a selection of organic and natural products, as well as a drive-up service that enables consumers to purchase groceries online and pick them up without getting out of their car.

4. Costco

Costco is a membership-based warehouse club that sells various goods, including food. Although not all Costco locations take EBT, some do, and the corporation aims to expand EBT acceptance to all locations. With a delivery service enabling consumers to purchase goods online and have them delivered to their house, Costco offers a variety of high-quality and bulk items at reasonable costs.


While there are EBT eligible stores out there, Amazon offers a wide variety of products that are eligible for purchase with EBT benefits, including groceries, snacks, household supplies, personal care items, and baby supplies. Using EBT on Amazon is a convenient and budget-friendly option for individuals and families looking to stretch their food dollars and access essential items. It is important to check the eligibility requirements in your state and to have a valid EBT card to use this payment method on Amazon.

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